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Are pets allowed?

Please see your cabin’s policy – each is different!

What are the cancellation policies?

You can view our cancellation policy here.

Is there a quiet hours policy or other rules guests should be aware of?

Quiet hours are 7 am EST – 10 pm EST. Please be respectful of your neighbors!

Is the cabin wheelchair accessible?

Please see your cabin’s description, If it is ADA accessible, it will state that in the description.

Are campfires or barbecues allowed on the property?

We provide grills/barbecues & firepits on-site.

Is there a nearby lake or river we can visit?

We are located near Norton Creek and Douglas Lake!

Is there a washer/dryer we can use?

Please check your listing! If it have a washer/dryer on-site, it will say so in the description.

Are we allowed to smoke outside of the property?

We kindly ask that you do not smoke on-site.

What kind of wildlife can be spotted?

Black bears, wild turkeys, and snakes are very common in our area! We do provide safety instructions for each guest once booked and ask that you review those before your stay.

When I arrive, is the property equipped with goodies, such as bottled water?

We provide the basics for our guests, including coffee, water, snacks, and more.

Can I use the fireplace?

Please see your listing to view if the fireplace is usable.

Can I invite guests that are not on the reservation to come visit? Is there a limit on guests?

You may invite guests to visit during your stay. However, we ask that you do not host parties or large gathering at our rentals. We also ask that nobody extra stay overnight.

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